Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

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December is here and we thought it would be a nice time to kick off preparations for Christmas. In this post, we take a look at some cool christmas stuff you could get.

Take a look at the Sagaform collection here:

The following cute figurines are from Alessi:

Birdfeed Ornaments that you could hang

This would be one easy christmas tree to set up!

Who is naughty and who is nice at the Chistmas table? Designate them with fancy place tiles.

Show them it is winter with these Handcrafted Recycled Glass Icicle Ornaments

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could show off digital photos of your loved ones on christmas ornaments? With Vat19’s Digital Photo Christmas Ornament, you are just able to do that.

You can set your Digital Photo Ornament to show one photo (perhaps of a new baby) or to cycle through a slideshow of photos (perhaps it’s a slideshow of 50 photos of the same baby in the same outfit doing basically the same thing in each photo). It even has the ability to shut itself off in a set number of minutes in order to save battery power (requires 2 AAA which are not included).

Here is the video on that:(Those reading this post e-mail. Go here to view the video)

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Watch the video: How Its Made: Glass Christmas Ornaments (June 2022).


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