Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

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Oh, we have shifted to top Christmas gear not just with our christmas rendition of logo and feed icons but also with clean fresh Christmas content! In this post, we give you the gyan on decorating your christmas tree and also bring you some of our favourite christmas shots from around the web.

Here we go! (If you are reading this by e-mail you will need to visit the following link to view the videos: 2008/12/christmas-special)

Tips on decorating a Christmas tree

Some shots of Christmas

Images are [via]


Check out this great christmas tree by Jennifer from MadebyGirl.

by Tania Ho

by Jim

by JagWired

by HB

by Jenny

by Stedman

And to leave you with, here’s a little something we found:

We hear they are hoping him to be the Santa Claus at Wall Street this time! All the best Obama!

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Watch the video: Decorating for Christmas 2019! Holiday Home Tour (August 2022).