Interiors of the Worlds Most Luxurious and Expensive Private Aircraft

Interiors of the Worlds Most Luxurious and Expensive Private Aircraft

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Maybe it is because the oil prices have steadily picked up this quarter or maybe he wanted to try something different, anyway Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud has had enough of his Boeing 747 and he has chosen to upgrade – To the Airbus 380, which is currently the world’s largest passenger airliner.

The sheer opulence of this flying machine needs to be seen to be believed. An ordinary A380 would cost somewhere around Rs.1410 crores ($300 million) but specially designed decor from luxury transport sector designer Design Q would mean that the final cost would be around Rs.1880 crores ($400 million).

So what do you get in an aircraft that costs you the world?

Wellbeing Room: The floor is a giant screen allowing guests to see what they are flying over. As if in virutual reality, they can crawl from the ‘magic carpet’ seating area to the floor, where scented breezes including forests and sea air give the impression of flying.

Boardrooms that have holographic displays and live stock prices information.


On board Garage for parking the Rolls Royce.

Turkish bath in the spa, and twenty first class seats/beds for the extra guests.

Grand spiral staircase, four giant full suites, concert hall, car garage, and a space-age lift that shuttles between all 3 floors and drops into the tarmac. The features just roll on…

Here is a video from Forbes, describing the plane:

Prince Alwaleed’s home is not too shabby either. Take a look at this video(Sorry, not in English. But you get the idea!)

Watch the video: TOP 6 Luxury Yachts In The World (June 2022).


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