Cool DNA and Biometric Art!

Cool DNA and Biometric Art!

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Ever thought of immortalizing yourself in color?

Photographs are easy and so are paintings, but what is shown here, is an introduction to the scientific wing of fine art. Literally!

DNA 11, have introduced DNA art. They create special portraits that carry your DNA. You give them your DNA, the color you like, the background you’d want and a frame.
They send you a masterpiece!

Sending a cheek swab or a fingerprint sample and turning it into art that is fabulous and distinct was unheard of a decade ago. It has been made possible now, thanks to a simple process and unmatched diligence to customer satisfaction.

Having printed fingerprint samples, DNA samples and ‘kisses’ of customers, spread over in fifty countries, DNA 11 has been placed in prestigious magazines, TV shows, museums and have even been hired by companies to personalize gifts for its officials.

To get yourself one of these portraits, all you have to do is write to them and they send you a DNA sample or a fingerprint kit, which lists directions on how they are to be used. You are then required to send the sample back to them and make place to hang that poster on your wall.
DNA 11 will take care of the rest!

Some fingerprint portraits.

Curious how it works? Check this video out.

Thanks for the tip, Nkiru!

Watch the video: Artwork made from your DNA (August 2022).