Interiors of the Air Force 1

Interiors of the Air Force 1

Air Force 1 has always brought with it a certain degree of curiosity and amazement for the laymen. Unless you are a member of the inner circle of the President of the United States, chances are that you would be unable to visit the air-borne office. However, Pete Souza, who is the Chief White House photographer for Barack Obama, has managed to click and display a few of the pictures with the president of the United States of America and his team inside, which is what this post is about.

Earlier, a post on the Russian Air Force 1 was released on Home Designing as well. Covered with gold, the Russian office is a treat for the eyes. Some may find too much ‘bling’ in there, but what’s a president’s office without some attractions?

Here is a full video walk through of the Air Force 1 Interior!

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