Luxury Caravans Interiors

Luxury Caravans Interiors

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We just had a look at Newell’s newest entry into their line of luxurious motor coaches and we are spell bound! Its better than a house on a hill top. The design and interiors are so cool, we bet you wouldn’t stop drooling!

Yet another fantastic house on wheels, this vehicle is perfect for hot shots who lead a nomadic lifestyle. Equipped with best quality furnishings, made for people with a taste for exculsivity, this coach-chassis has Newells cornerstone trademark of great quality and fine designs.

These customized motor coaches spell perfection in terms of mechanics, interiors, comfort and functionality. Each aspect of the chassis is so uniquely drawn and executed one doesn’t feel anything lesser than a king travelling around in the luxurious caravan. And oh, if you are wondering what to do with your red Mercedez while you are touring the country, they got a solution for that too.

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