25 Stunning Side Table Designs

25 Stunning Side Table Designs

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Bedside tables are not what they used to be. No longer are they simple utilitarian places to keep an alarm clock or glasses, no longer a just a stage for a designer table lamp. They have potential to become creative decorative pieces – more than capable of standing on their own.

Side table hunters, this one is for you! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the most creative side table designs that exist. Glass, wood, steel or plastic we got them all. Designs featured in this list include the work of some of the best minds in the industry and not surprisingly they sport a beautiful balance of form and function. Don’t expect to see some of these side tables when you walk into your local store!

Stephane de Sousa’s minimalist bedside table has a waterproof surface, a book shelf and an innovative ‘bookmark’.

Buy it for $199

The 2 leg, slanting sidetable by Frank Flavell.


The Gubi side table would be a stylish addition to your bedroom. It can either be used as a free standing or as a wall mounted option.


Here is another utilitarian side table by designer Sung-Pil Hwang that will also double up as a light when you plug it in to the wall.


Simple in form, great in looks.


The ‘Easy Reader’ white side table.


The cute and funky Metro U side table.

Here are a few ones designed by Swedish design firm Maze International that caught our fancy. Actually, you would think twice before calling a few of them as traditional ‘tables’, but they do serve the purpose, don’t they?

The Toki glass side table from Linea.

This bed side table is for the true paranoid out there! It turns from a side table to a home intruder protection system in two quick steps and is sure to make the burglar feel sorry to have chosen you to mess with.


The clip side table for Molteni designed by world renowned designer Patricia Urquiola.

A cool stacked table model from Pottery Barn.


A fancy balancing box table from Porro.


Pull-out side tables integrated into the bed that are only there when you need them. Design by: Danish Teak Classics

A similar concept of bed-side table integration, by designer Mieke Meijer but this has a more fixed arrangement.


Designer Maria Cichy’s 2 piece combo that includes a table and a cabinet. This looks very handy.


The minimalist stainless steel Z side table by Fried Ulber also serves as a newspaper or wood rack.

Actually if you are into alphabet side tables, ‘Z’ is not your only option. Andrew Martin side tables cover the whole range. Check them out.

Enzo Anziani’s side table inspired by his own signature and the Fibonacci progression.


One look at the spring table by Tb Ajakay and you would probably be thinking of using it as even a focus for your room. This piece of furniture produces a fascinating effect with layers of the plywood appearing to burst apart and curl around at one end.


Designer Hideyuki Kishimoto calls this the ‘H_stool’, we call it the ‘Love Side Table’.


This modular master piece from Alex Bradley impressed us with its versatility. ‘Notch+’ and its magnets enable users to reconfigure the layout to suite their evolving needs. Use 1 unit and it is a side table, 4 and it becomes a coffee table and 6 makes it a storage unit with ample space.


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Watch the video: Cool side table design ideas 2020. 25+ modern wooden side table designs (May 2022).


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