Tron Inspired Home Interiors from Dupont

Tron Inspired Home Interiors from Dupont

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Science based products and services company Dupont has teamed up with Disney for the Milan Design Week 2011 and they will preview a concept that brings to life interiors inspired by the movie Tron. The project is a collaboration of several designers including the likes of Shai Akram,AquiliAlberg, Dror Benshetrit, Jordi Canudas, Giulio Cappellini, Gwenael Nicolas, Andrew Haythornthwaite, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Lagostudio, Ilaria Marelli and Marco Piva. The concept covers the whole range of spaces you would find in a typical home including living, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining and home theatre area. The circular jacuzzi and mirror in the bathroom/spa(allusion to the discs of tron) is a true highlight of the design and is likely to woo visitors during the event which is set to take place between April 12 to 17.

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