Amazing Paper Sculptures

Amazing Paper Sculptures

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Maybe its not the first time we at Home-designing have been enamored of amazingly intricate paper designs. We have featured similar projects here and here.But Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls paper sculpture designs have a touch of wild to them. As in wildlife. Nicholls celebrates his love of animals by carving out intricate, and simply amazing paper sculptures that capture the beauty of nature and the wild. They feature pandas chewing calmly on bamboo stalk, badgers busily building their river homes, and iguanas catching prey with their elastic tongues.

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Nicholls explains the basis of his creative process: “Initially a rigid form is constructed which establishes the contours of the subject and provides a stable base upon which the detail pieces are attached.”

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It is no wonder these sculptures are so precise and beautiful. Nicholls has been a fulltime paper sculptor since the 1980s! This particular animal series began in 1990 and has continued to this day.

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