Nordic Kitchen Design Inspiration

Nordic Kitchen Design Inspiration

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Consider these kitchens by Norema, a Norwegian designer and manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry. Any theme comes magically. Rustic designs appear fresh and inviting, especially when accentuated with abundant cabinet space. Retro designs like mid-century Modernism are clean and efficient. Traditional contemporary designs using this modular cabinetry seems timeless. Thats part of what gives this designer charm; the cabinetry allows the kitchens theme to take center stage without losing itself in the mix, becoming almost like a character of its own in the space. Nordic kitchen company Norema designs these with an excellent sense of engineering. Therefore the cabinetry proves effective in split-level floor designs or full-fledged multi-area kitchens such as those with a breakfast nook and island. They afford abundant storage yet refrain from being excessively space consuming. And they all blend well with the rest of the home.

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