Dream Closets by Italian Designers Gruppo Euromobil

Dream Closets by Italian Designers Gruppo Euromobil

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Every fashion and wardrobe-conscious person has fantasized about their own perfectly coordinated, immensely spacious, luxuriously designed closet space at some point. I know I have. But whether you pine after Carrie Bradshaws enormous walk-in with plush rugs or prefer a sleek paneled wardrobe space, you will find something to love amongst Gruppo Euromobils closet designs.

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This particular closet space is installed inside the wall and includes glass door panels that slide into the sides of the wall, which expands bedroom space. The different size shelves and compartments are versatile for various types of wardrobe.

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This is a small walk-in built into a wide wall off the side of the bedroom but still has a seating area, which can easily become part of the closet by opening the doors, or separate by closing them.

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This luxurious closet can be closed off by sliding the large panel doors over.

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This black, sleek paneled closet seems ideal for a stylish guy.

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These closets combine modern closet design with traditional brown wood materials.

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Makers: Gruppo Euromobil.

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