Worlds Most Expensive Home: $12.2 Billion [Confirmed Fake]

Worlds Most Expensive Home: $12.2 Billion [Confirmed Fake]

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The $12.2 billion home is confirmed to be a fake. A number of sources around the web including reputed design blogs and business blogs(those of the likes of Wall Street Journal and Business Insider) are picking up syndicated feeds and reporting a false story to be true. Though we published the story as well there were a few points that were worrying us:

* First there was the location. No definite location was provided. (just a vague mention that it was along the Switzerland-Italian border)

* The scenic view showed a waterbody nearby which was nowhere to be seen on the map provided

* exklusiv-Hause showed the project status as In Planning  whereas Stuart Hughes site said its already been completed and took 5 years.

* $12.2 Billion dollars was a really huge amount to shell out even for the Worlds richest man whose total assets would amount to only $74B.

We have now information that confirms that this house does not exist. Not just that, Stuart Hughes has had a history of announcing projects that never existed. This includes a $4 Billion Yacht which he claimed to have built for a Malaysian businessman, but the images he released were actually taken from Italian Yacht company Baia. The list goes on.We are keeping the quote and the images just for chuckles. :)-------------------------------

FALSE CLAIM: ...what makes this the most bespoke living place , is its made from over 200,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings Specially designed flooring , right throughout are made from meteoric stone with shavings of original Dinosaur bone from the 65 million year old Raptor... Â Embedded in each tile.

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