Dashingly Colorful Loft Design

Dashingly Colorful Loft Design

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This gallery-like space vibrates with exciting use of vibrant color, against expanses of brilliant white walls, ceiling and floors. Konstantin Andreev splashes an artists paint palette of colors over textured brick wall, paintings, and dining chairs to create a space injected with personality and youth.

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The beautiful elements of this home have been highlighted, whilst more functional pieces take a step back. For instance, take note of how the quirky asymmetrical vases appear to drip from the modern artwork above the console, which blends with the color matched wall behind it, or how the run of huge storage cupboards are almost invisible along one wall in white gloss and slim-line chrome handles.

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With an eye for detail, Andreev has matched the Barcelona chairs with identically quilted light shades, and the expanse of plain white kitchen cabinets is broken by interesting use of textured slabs amongst standard flat finish fronts.

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The deep wood treads of the staircase gives 3D effect to a glossy white edge, causing a graphical zigzag shape that is echoed by the modular storage units around the flat screen TV. The stairs appear to float beneath the clear glass balustrade towards a large sofa with adjustable sides and back rests, which fold out to transform the use of space, perfect for the sociable open plan nature of the scheme.

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