10 Wacky Bedrooms

10 Wacky Bedrooms

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Fancy an evening escape from normality? We have just the thing, here are ten wacky bedroom designs to make you think youre dreaming before your head even hits the pillow!

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You’ll be ‘sleeping with the fishes’ in this honeymoon suite at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands Resort. This underwater tunnel of love may seem like an aqua wonder world to some, but others may be reminded of that chamber-crunching scene from Jaws…

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This suite in Mykonos Blu Resort in Mykonos Island, Greece, offers a pool at the foot of the bed; great for a refreshing early morning plunge, not so great for sleep walkers.

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The Tron movie inspired hotel room in Sweden wouldn’t sit too well with Feng Shui followers who believe in eradicating technology from the bedroom, as this space feels pretty much like you’re sleeping in a computer chip, a very blue, glowing, computer chip.

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This Garden Shed by Helsinki architect Ville Hara has been used as an extra bedroom at designer Linda Bergroth’s summer cottage. We hope that Linda holidays in a very secluded spot otherwise bed head and pillow drool will become a very public problem.

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The Signature Suite at Town Hall Hotel, London offers a platform bed, platform bath, platform everything! Singing in the shower will become a stage performance from this raised en suite.

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This party never sleeps design will have you staring at the ceiling but certainly not with boredom! If it wasn’t the TV on the ceiling, the balloons certainly ensured this concept’s place in this list.

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This nest bed by Oge Architects is the perfect place to ‘lay’ your head for the night, or for ‘hatching’ new ideas, or lounging with your laptop and ‘Tweeting’, but remember the ‘early bird catches the worm!’ Ok, enough yolks…

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The Pirate’s bedroom would probably the quirkiest one on this set. Get to bed on time or you’ll be walking the plank!

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Fly of to dreamland in you own cockpit bedroom photographed by favaro JR

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