Swanky Sales Office of Condominiums by the Sea

Swanky Sales Office of Condominiums by the Sea

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Standing tall by the beach at Hua Hin, Thailand, is the condominium development Baan San Kramm, designed by Somdoon Architects, and built by company Sansiri. The beach town complex has an adjacent sales office that acts as a front-of-house gateway, which provides potential homebuyers access to two impressive show units, and creates the opportunity for house hunters to fall in love with the beautiful seaside location.

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Large glass panels retract to allow the flow of sea breeze throughout the sales office, to keep the customers cool, comfortable and enjoying the prime location; the panels are completely concealed within the wooden walls for a truly inside-outside atmosphere, but allow the space to be enclosed and kept dry during the months of the raining season.

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An overhead wooden ceiling panel spans the 14 meter length, giving a framing effect on the sparkling seascape, which can also be enjoyed under the sky from a roof deck or from the modern, abstract form of the stepped landscaping designed by Sanitas Studio.

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The two mock-up units showcase architectural influence taken from sea, with a wave shaped balcony, and the sail-like curve of facade fins.

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The beach theme continues in the interior design of the apartments, with nautical memorabilia scattered over walls and display shelves, and the same blue and white color scheme we see begin at the sales office.

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Sansiri have several interesting building projects; we especially liked these themed houses that cleverly reflect the pastimes and professions of their residents:

Mountain Climber Theme House

Surfer Theme House

Sculptor Theme House

Hat tip: Architizer, Photographs: Wison Tungthanya, Videos: Sansiri

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