Fabulous Interior Photography By Favaro

Fabulous Interior Photography By Favaro

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These images by Favaro show an array of in vogue living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and home office spaces in glorious technicolor and new bolder neutrals.

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Wood paneling has came back on trend with a bang, and this example of how to maintain a contemporary look against a panel backdrop is both slick and fun, with sudden splashes of bright clashing color, and industrial reflective furniture at interesting angles to the room.

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We’re also seeing a continuing trend in wide stripe treatments for walls, with emphasis on the monochrome theme, take this bedroom for example; we love these gutsy black and white lines that create an extended headboard feature on one wall. The head of the bed is the perfect place to make a statement in a bedroom, you can be daring and create dazzling impact, but the stimulating design will be out of your eye line when you are trying to relax! The linear pattern is also picked up in the steps at the foot of the bed, which create a lovely grand feeling, and the original placement of the very practical open shelving system to the bedside.

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Barely-there staircases still float at the top spot in modern open plan interiors, but these are strictly for a childfree household!

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