Sophisticated Elegance of Chinese Interiors

Sophisticated Elegance of Chinese Interiors

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This selection of inspirational interior design, from Chinese site tmall, showcases elegant home design that combines both modern and traditional elements, resulting in lively schemes that are full of depth and character.

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A wall-to-wall flower mural creates a dramatic backdrop in this living room, and ties in the black, red and cream color story.

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Black accents add edge to a predominantly cream palette, and prevents the pale elements from all blending into one.

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A floating staircase, framed out in black, acts as a piece of graphic art in this simplistic layout; its see-through features are emphasized by the introduction of complimentary wire frame backed dining chairs with the same design element, and mirrored by a floating cabinet.

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Textured and wooden wall panels add much needed interest to a soft neutral room.

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A mirrored strip in the headboard and matching mirrored bedside shelves add a glitter of glamour to a delicate bedroom design.

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Small splashes of color can be added to a muted paint choice by introducing bright accessories like a fun wall clock or an exotic plant; you could push things a little further by hanging panels of color as artwork, if you apply your accent hues to canvases rather than the wall it is far easier to change your mind and your color scheme later.

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