Duplex Merge with Mesmeric Views

Duplex Merge with Mesmeric Views

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Belgian firm JUMA Architects have sent us these images of their duplex merge project, in collaboration with Minimum Arquitectura, with fresh interiors looking out over mesmeric ocean views. The renovation plan to convert the two existing houses entailed demolishing their external staircases and creating a brand new internal staircase, and taking advantage of the amalgamated outdoor space and increased views with the completion of an al fresco dining area and lounge, private swimming pool, and a stepped sun patio.

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Steel canopies and wooden sun terraces were installed to provide a visual fusion of the two original spaces. The decor style goes a step further in blurring the boundary between inside an out, with the same chairs used in each of the dining areas, and a bright white palette visible throughout.

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The simple interior design creates a holiday home ambience with its neutral scheme and open plan living areas. The sleeping quarters also take on a flowing layout with a wash area located directly behind the headboard; this layout allows the beautiful views visible from your bed to be viewable from your shower too-luckily there is a modesty screen to stop beach dwellers from having a view of you too!

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