Divine Bathroom Designs

Divine Bathroom Designs

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We couldnt help but delve into the world of Italian company FAPCeramiches bathroom design, the results of their product combinations give a truly fascinating and fresh approach to the common bathroom tiled walls, no longer appearing as simply functional, but almost as a piece of art.

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The vast collections of unique tiles now available on the market should be approached in a similar fashion to how we choose our wallpapers, being the first thought for a room scheme rather than an afterthought; browse until you find a design you truly love and base the rest of your palette and silhouettes around that.

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With delicate contrasts in gloss and matt finishes, fun mosaic detailing and exquisite patterning, bathroom tiles have certainly had a great facelift. A variety of other wash room wall coverings have became popular in recent years, with many people opting for the interest and intricacy provided by wallpaper or a pot from the rainbow of bathroom paints out there, but ceramic tiles are still the most practical choice for bathroom walls. Ahead of all other materials, they will not stain from splashes, will not be damaged by corrosive cleaning products, cosmetics or moisture, and the appearance that you first fell in love with will not change, fade or peel over time.

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Accessorising your bathroom is just as important when it comes to looks. Check out these cool faucets and unique toilet paper holders that would add more interest to your bathroom.

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