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From Pillow to Pool

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Imagine waking from a peaceful dreamland to a sticky morning heat, with the sun streaming down at you; then imagine pulling back the bed clothes, walking five steps to the edge of a cool blue swimming pool and diving right in; this is the scene set by this gallery of poolside sleep spaces.

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This infinity pool here wraps around the dwelling, like an old-world castle moat that protected from intruders. The enveloping effect of the water gives the building a floating effect, almost as though the clear walled bedroom is aboard a raft, rocking on the waves.

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What is better than Bed + Pool? Bed/Couch + TV + Pool + Sea!

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Bedrooms
This bedroom is less like a room with a pool, a more like a pool with a bed! This may be a novel idea, but perhaps the echo of the hall like proportions and the strong smell of chlorine would wear thin pretty quickly…

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This pool creeps right up under the bed, even after the sliding doors are drawn shut. Remember not to dress such a bed with a valance sheet or things may get a little soggy around the hemline!

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Image by Maccollum
A sprawling cityscape view adds to the magic of a bedside swimming pool on this roof space, nested high above the bustling city lights.

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