Delicious Dining Room Schemes

Delicious Dining Room Schemes

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If you are looking for dining room inspiration, then this cherry picked lot from a myriad of tasty portfolios should get your creative juices well and truly flowing.

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Via Andrey Golubev
This cozy blue and white country look is a sweet scheme full of charm and understated style. Slightly mismatched wood tones in the surrounding furniture continues the laid-back look, appearing as though the room has evolved over time and the trials and tribulations of everyday family life, rather than being coldly contrived.

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The metallic finish of these dining chairs is an unexpected choice, but one that gives a sharp contemporary edge to the soft wood tones of the rest of the scheme.

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Via Geeduubraak
A cluster of different shaped pendant lights gathered over a dining table creates a perfect focal point in any style scheme.

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Via Artem Oganayn
Consider contrasting the color of your dining chairs to the color of your dining table for a slightly eclectic effect.

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Via Franky Winata
A tight color thread running through both a dining suite and adjacent units results in a highly stylized and cohesive look. Keep any culinary accessories that are not perfectly matching well hidden so as not to disturb the strictly two-tone balance.

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