A Modern Asian Minimalistic Apartment

A Modern Asian Minimalistic Apartment

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This exquisite example of contemporary design with a distinctly Asian influence comes to us from talented Tai designer Wu Chengxian. The interior gives a respectful nod to the traditions of Eastern culture whilst bringing things bang up to date with a fresh minimalist air.

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The breezy color palette dances over the blue and green color spectrum within the accessories and accent furnishings, and the hues play beautifully against the gentle blonde wood tones and tile.

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The introduction of living greenery is also important in this scheme to expand upon the sense of calm and serenity, and the feathered foliage provides a softening effect to the harder modern lines of some of the furniture.

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Back lighting goes a step further in softening up the harder edges, giving a warming glow that compliments the wood hue.

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Well placed traditional artifacts keeps the Eastern influence flowing throughout the space without being too obvious.

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In the bedroom the color story continue with a striking slash of peacock blue across the bed throw, in the cushion covers and even in around the window frame; often window frames are thought better left to blend into their surrounding wall, but this statement treatment works really well in acting as a framing device.

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