Artists Studios in Modern, Eclectic Vintage Styles

Artists Studios in Modern, Eclectic  Vintage Styles

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Don a jaunty beret and get your easels at the ready in order to look the part in these creative artists studio spaces of both modern and classic style.

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The studio tour starts with an interior that bridges between sharp contemporary style and tasteful classics. The mid century modern sofa is an iconic Le Corbusier design, while the bold Spar Floor Lamp is a fresh 2011 conception by Jamie McLellan.

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The obvious place to start when creating an arty room, aside from the obligatory easel, would be a generous selection of eye-catching picture frames, stacked ready to home your gallery of masterpieces.

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If Leonardo Da Vinci did an eclectic make over of his studio bedroom we figure it would be something like this. The right frames can even look good when left completely empty, and either casually stacked against a wall or hung in a gallery fashion and interspersed with just a few sketches and paintings.

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An eclectic look works superbly in areas fit for an artisan, bringing with it the excitement of fresh new design and inspiration whilst still harking back to the historical beauty of yesteryear.

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Consider your seating areas carefully to bring out the desired character of your creative décor schemes; a plain stool can do a neat job in a modern, practical painting space, whilst a classic French high backed chair will set an elegant tone beside a run of extravagant oil paintings and regal looking busts.

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Wall paneling hugs a room in traditional essence, providing the perfect backdrop to hang family portraits and calming landscapes.

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