Adding Interest to Neutral Decor

Adding Interest to Neutral Decor

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Designed by Yu Ken Space Design in Taiwan, this predominantly neutral toned interior exhibits an interesting edge not always found in such schemes; we take a closer study on how this refreshing result can be achieved.

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In the open plan kitchen a subtle yet shiny egg shell blue backsplash sings out from under simple white wall cabinets, and sits playfully against the small green feature wall at the end of an adjacent hallway. Both introductions of color cover only a small space within the otherwise neutral palette but are enough to tantalize the eye. Across the hallway a beige pillar gathers interest in a different way, with the subtle sheen of a fleurs de lis paper.

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Throughout the space, bright recessed ceiling lights shed sparkle over everything, and their square shape picks up on the black diamond feature tiles dotted in the floor.

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Textured fabric bar stools provide a warm welcome break from the smooth expanse of cool kitchen worktops and high shine flooring.

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In the living area a huge piece of black marble looms behind the entertainment area to provide pattern, and a large piece of wall art hangs above a simple sofa that has been decorated with rich fabric throw cushions.

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