Skyhouse: An New York Penthouse With Climbing Column Slide!

Skyhouse: An New York Penthouse With Climbing Column  Slide!

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This multi-level penthouse sits atop an iconic skyscraper in Lower Manhattan (New York City) and is the product of a cohesive collaboration between architect, David Hotson and interior designer, Ghislaine Viñas, both of whom wished to pay homage to the historical significance of the building in a very contemporary way. Flawlessly executed, this wish produced a home that feels like a museum of modern art and cultivates the sensation of being on top of the world, with panoramic views of the famously urban landscape. While it is apparently aware that it remains a series of functional living spaces, whimsy climaxes in the structural heart of the project: the living room, from which an imposing steel column, come rock climbing wall, spans the height of the build, rendering the space positively cavernous, and together with metallic tubular slides, acts as a legitimate method of transport.

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