Brick Wall Studio Apartment Inspiration

Brick Wall Studio Apartment Inspiration

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By Rebecca Macaulay

This collaborative design effort features the genius of Stephan Jaklitsch of Jaklitsch/ Gardner Architects and challenges how studio spaces are thought of. It does comply with a fundamentally open plan principle, but not out of space-maximizing necessity. It is defiantly grand and reflects a freedom of choice rather than an adherence to convention. This space unapologetically and luxuriously accommodates the modern professional couple, while exuding a family-friendly warmth. In addition to its exposed beams of magnificent presence, its most defining characteristic is the brickwork that spans the lengthy living, dining and entertainment area.

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As one might reasonably expect, the impression created by a brick aesthetic is one of elemental ambience and this is rightly accentuated by Jaklitsch and Gardner’s use of another earthily robust material: wood. Hardwood floors and statement pieces of furniture of contrasting grains, such as the walnut writing desk in the bedroom (accessed through wooden-framed oriental twin doors), make a significant contribution to a warm, yet undeniably masculine environment. The space is softened by a slightly more feminine hand in styling, that is careful with its use of teal and generous with living floral accents.

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So rarely is brick heralded as attractive, and so persuasive was this beautiful example from Jaklitsch and Gardner, that the remainder of this collection features concepts built on brick, from a selection of designers who demonstrate that concealing brick may be, in some cases, shortsighted.

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Additional Image Credits: Perseverence Design (12-17), Miysis(18-19), Marwan S(20)

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