Chic Contemporary Spaces Rendered By Anh Nguyen

Chic Contemporary Spaces Rendered By Anh Nguyen

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Talented Vietnamese  interior designer and artist, Anh Nguyen explores the effects of natural light on the highly reflective surfaces of white walls, tinted concrete floors and white marble accents. The result is gorgeous chic contemporary spaces which provides a luxurious yet relaxed lifestyle. For this post, we cherry picked some beautiful images from his portfolio.

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The light and airy living room boasts a wall of white and grey striated marble for a touch of luxury.

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A staircase with glass railing leads up to the bedroom and office beyond.

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The dining area is open to the modern fitted kitchen beyond with its sleek custom cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

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Opposite the bedroom, an office is tucked into a corner behind a dividing wall fitted with a dresser and television.

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