Tiny Parisian Studio Apartment Uses Innovative Lighting Techniques

Tiny Parisian Studio Apartment Uses Innovative Lighting Techniques

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The absence of natural light sent the owners of this tiny Parisian studio apartment to seek out the renowned French architect team of Betillon/Dorval-Bory. They ingeniously used spectral lighting to bring a polarized effect of artificial light to the tiny 65 sq ft space. The result is a sensation of warm and cool areas as well as a color blocked aesthetic. The architects share their mission for the space, The apartment is designed in a simple and neutral expression, without color or particular detail, annihilating any architectural expressiveness or narrative to leave only the logic of composition generated by light. Â Could you live comfortably in such a tiny space, especially with your partner?

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The French lighting firm notes the warm and cool aspects of light can be seen here parsed out in the built form.

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The architects intentionally created the interior to be as neutral as possible thus giving the design elements a logical composition.

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With all ambient lights turned off, the apartment is lit here by the only natural light available to the space through two large windows.

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The kitchen sink can be seen through the stair risers which are lit by florescent bulbs from the side.

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This view shows just how tiny the overall living space is at a mere 65 sq feet (20 sq meters).

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This detail shows two light spectrums, cool and warm, from two different types of bulbs. From kitchen to bathroom at the far end, the lights create a color blocked effect.

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The bathroom sits just on the other side of the kitchen beneath the loft and under the stairs.

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Two low pressure sodium lamps with zero CRI emit warm light in the bath’s vanity area.

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The lighting here from the sodium lamps disallows the perception of color, simply creating a warm glow.

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