Exotic Villa on Swedish Island Lidingo

Exotic Villa on Swedish Island Lidingo

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Swedish architect Thomas Eriksson creates yet another dynamic modern villa this time on the Swedish island of Lidingo. Set high above the surrounding wild landscape, the 561 square meters villa boasts many luxurious appointments and elements. Below youll discover a large spa, wine room, granite enclosed shower, four bedrooms and wide open interior spaces. The entire vacation home is perfect for entertaining large groups as well as for spending down time in relaxation and rejuvenation.

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A media room is decorated in an English style with comfy armchairs and ottomans in white and beautiful patchwork rug added for interest and texture.

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The villa’s living room mixes modern with traditional elements. A small fireplace with modern surround sits at the far wall. Contemporary toss pillows add pattern and color to the space.

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A jacuzzi pool for six provides more than enough room to stretch out and relax. A shallow water feature runs the length of the wall providing a natural element.

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Who says umbrellas are for the outdoors only? This home spa boasts a natural wood and canvas fabric version. The sauna on the far wall is illuminated in a dramatic purple.

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A wine lover’s dream, this winde room doesn’t hide the wine away in a musty cellar but puts it on display in a glass enclosed room.

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Dynamic black and white is the order of the day in the light filled dining space. In the large open space, the dining area is defined by a dramatic stripe rug under the dining table.

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One of the villa’s bedrooms provide views to the countryside beyond a large sliding door spanning from ceiling to floor. Red sheers add a nice touch of color to the space as does the art print and rugs.

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A large shower surrounded in granite tile is alight in purple florescent lights for a otherwordly feel.

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The elevated kitchen floats above the dining room in an open plan layout allowing light and air to flow throughout the space.

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The kitchen is all about function in a sleek modern package. The black glass cabinet tops contrast nicely with the pure white space.

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A semi-hidden stairway leads to the villa’s lower level. An open living area can be seen to the left with ample space to accommodate entertaining large groups.

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