Modern House Interiors With Dynamic Texture and Pattern

Modern House Interiors With Dynamic Texture and Pattern

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A modern house designed by Russian firm Azovkiy Pahomova is filled with ample texture and pattern. The mostly neutral residence is brought to life through design elements, building materials and furnishings which are equally as tactile as they are visually stimulating. Rich grained woods, patterned natural stone and sleek metal combine with dramatic textured textiles to create a dynamic living space.

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A spiderweb-like chandelier offers tiny points of light and a unique design element in the living room.

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A grid design area rug brings both pattern and texture to the space as does the abstract modern wall treatment. The dining room can be seen beyond an enormous sliding door separating the spaces but allowing light to flow from on to the other.

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This view from the kitchen shows the size of the large open space through to the dining room. Twin waterfall lights add interest whole the rough stone floor tiles amp up the texture in the space.

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The master bathroom features a scale-like backsplash, natural stone tile floor and adjacent abstract cobblestone floor. The result is a cacophony of texture and pattern in tone on tone cream and white.

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Thousands of tiny honeycomb tiles envelop the separate toliet and add texture and pattern in massive amounts to the otherwise neutral space.

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The mostly neutral house gets a burst of color from the vibrant blue secondary bathroom with light blue glass tiles behind the toliet and sleek modern cabinetry under the dual sink vanity.

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