Modern Apartment Design Maximizes Space, Minimizes Distraction

Modern Apartment Design Maximizes Space, Minimizes Distraction

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Just as the fashion industry jumps from trend to trend with every passing season, so do home décor preferences shift and change over time. In recent memory, there have been a variety of trends, but one that has had significant staying power has been a clean, modern, aesthetic, which is perfectly embodied by this urban Taiwanese apartment.

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This two-bedroom space focuses on a few core concepts of modern design and does so in a way that really enhances the overall feel of the space. The most prominent of these elements are the way in which the space uses very clean lines, a mostly neutral color palette, and is committed to keeping things well lit. The lines of the apartment are key to the modern feel. Nearly everything in the space features lines that are either parallel or perpendicular, from the large angular sofa to the grains in the hardwood floors. This has the effect of making the space feel bigger and very clean.

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Part of this design element includes hidden storage. Cabinets and shelving are only revealed when doors that are otherwise flush with the wall are opened. This means that necessities are easily in reach, but kept out of sight unless in use. The use of pocket doors goes even further, giving the entire apartment an open and airy feeling, as if it were one big room, whenever the doors to the bedrooms are open.Neutral tones dominate the space with complementary pops of color drawing attention in the form of teal and orange-accented chairs and a uniquely yellow oversized light fixture. These colorful elements add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise starkly calm palette and are easily switched out for a completely different look.

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Finally, the lighting in the space is such that the apartment feels warm and welcoming even in the dead of night. Recessed lighting is built into the walls and ceiling rather than relying on lamps and light fixtures. This choice integrates with the apartment’s clean lines and reduces clutter.

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The modern aesthetic may not always be as on-trend as it is now, but having a clean, well-lit apartment will never go out of style.

Design: iDesigno Photography: HeyCheese!

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