Bolefloor Curved Wood Panels: Floors as Nature Intended

Bolefloor Curved Wood Panels: Floors as Nature Intended

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Bolefloor wood flooring is taking hardwood floors back to nature. Natural wood isnt straight, it is curved but because of limited technology, hardwood floors were without this natural curve. Bolefloors is taking wooden floors back to their natural state with curved floorboards. No two floor boards are the same and they add beauty and a unique style to a home, office, commercial site, and more. Each piece of wood is distinctive, just like the tree it was created from and each board is cut to the natural curve of the tree. The panels dont have to be just floors either, they can also be used on walls or even ceilings.They come in various types of wood, colors and grades, and is a solid product for any situation whether it is varying temperatures or a high traffic area. The wood comes in the following types: Oak, Ash, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut and can be stained and finished into a multitude of colors once you receive it. The best part about it is that you end up wasting less trees. Since the natural curve of the wood is used rather than cut away, it allows for more panels per tree and hence more floors per forest.

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