Living Cube Offers Stylish Storage Solution

Living Cube Offers Stylish Storage Solution

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While living simply is a mantra that many deign to follow, it is generally easier said than done. Living a studio apartment was one way for Swiss designer Till Könneker to keep things simple. Unfortunately, the garden-level space did not offer much in the way of storage for his beloved record collection and other necessities – like clothes. Könneker enlisted the help of a friend to translate his idea for a “living cube” into reality. The results are nothing short of amazing.

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Though the cube offers a tremendous amount of storage space, its size does not overwhelm the Bern apartment. Instead, it acts as a focal point for visitors. Tucking it away in the corner also means it does not consume valuable floor space.

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A small door on the side of the cube is just large enough for Könneker to walk though, giving him easy access to his clothes and other stored items inside.

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The top of the cube is far from wasted space. A thin mattress and hanging ladder make it accessible as a guest bed for visitors or a comfortable reading nook for Könneker. The windows let in ample light and offer a notable view.

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The shelves surrounding the television cubby are perfectly fit to vinyl records and even have space for adding to the already ample collection that is housed there.

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Könneker designed the cube himself to meet his specific need, but it was the carpented Remo Zimerli at Holzalabor that was able to turn the design into a functional and beautiful reality.

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Design: Remo Zimmerli ; Photography: Rob Lewis

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