Faena House: Miami Beachside Penthouse With Layers of Luxury

Faena House: Miami Beachside Penthouse With Layers of Luxury

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In 2014, The Faena Group-founded by Alan Faena and partnered by Len Blavatnik-is set to launch its first phase of global expansion in Miami Beach, and it is this beachside location where we will view an amazing layer cake of dream apartments that have sprawling sea views so fabulous that they could make you feel you are the only person for miles. Each apartment level at Faena House has a sun spot that reaches out further under the sky as the levels drop, enabling each dwelling to arrange their loungers to receive their quota of sunny rays, whilst a penthouse pool is the cherry on top of the cake, where clouds float overhead in the blue Miami sky.

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The unobstructed panorama is achieved by inward sloping glass balcony surrounds, which give the exterior of the building its contemporary curves. The twinkling horizon can be enjoyed from large outdoor lounge and dining areas, perfect when completed with a generous comfortable sofa and trendy floor cushions where guests can enjoy drinks and laughs into the evening. In fact, the full perimeter balconies are so large that each one offers multiple outdoor lounging options-it’s amazing the home owners ever go indoors!

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Each apartment offers bespoke finishes, where curvaceous kitchen units and central islands come in ice white or warm wood tones to suit all tastes. A separate dining room offers the apartment dwellers the opportunity for formal dining inside if the conditions outside don’t suit the occasion, though the glazed exterior walls surrounding the home make sure that they won’t miss an inch of the stunning views.

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Find out how the creators achieved the ultimate indoor-outdoor apartment experience, using innovative wide sliding glazed doors, in the videos below:

Watch the video: Faena House Residence with Glamorous Interiors -- Lifestyle Production Group (June 2022).


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