Russian Home Design: A Menagerie of Modern Hues

Russian Home Design: A Menagerie of Modern Hues

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This Russian home, designed by architect Andrew Stuben, holds a slightly unusual approach to a contemporary interior. We have become accustomed to finding stark white walls with zingy accents, or perhaps a smooth all-over cream given edge with black base notes, but the palette of this place is of a different mix. The juxtaposed color combinations are a little strange throughout this dwelling, with clashing hues here and there, but these do allow the prevalent architectural details to remain strong. There is neither a cool nor a warm palette in any space, but rather an undulating selection of the two that the eye must dance over to take in each individual feature.

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The home has a total area just short of one thousand square meters, with a total living space of 656 square meters, complete with four bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms.

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The open plan layout of the living/dining/kitchen space runs through a spectrum of brown based hues, starting with a cohesive ceiling color to tie in with the wooden elements of the room, and underlined in a tile that introduces a red accent within it’s fleck.

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The green tint of the glazed interior wall has an unusual contrast to the wall and ceiling colors.

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There is one small cabinet office on the second floor that overlooks the lounge area below, and a one hundred square meter main office that occupies the entire third floor all by itself.

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The home has a Russian oven with wood furnace that combines cultural contexts of old and new, only moving away from traditional elements of village life to embrace a modern minimalist form.

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The modern edge of the home has been dampened with not-so-modern hunting trophies; the macabre collection makes a museum in the large home office.

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The dining area is separated from the chefs zone by interior glazed doors, allowing guests to either be part of the action or shielded from the cooking smells.

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