A Grand Lakeside Home with Rustic Charm

A Grand Lakeside Home with Rustic Charm

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This sprawling two story lake residence, created by Texas based design firm Cornerstone Architects, enjoys waterside views out front with a tropical poolside paradise to the rear. Within the home rustic charm prevails, with warm wood grain, bold wrought iron, and terracotta tiling.

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The huge pool is almost a secondary lake, but with built-in hot tub alongside spouting water fountains the bright body of water brings a much more luxurious tempo.

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Mature palm trees frame the entrance to the pool and the rear entrance to the home.

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From the private pool, swimmers can pause to look out over the vast lake beyond.

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Besides the rustic setting, the outdoor lounge area emits a slightly formal feel with its spaced out seating and lack of soft accents like scatter cushions and cozy throws; the exterior lounge gathers all of its warmth from a roaring fireplace for late night chats in the cooler evenings.

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An outdoor dining and entertainment area make full use of the warm climate.

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A huge candelabra sets the tone from the entryway, leading into a traditional lounge, complete with hard backed chairs and a Persian rug.

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In the kitchen, dark wood cabinetry creates a rich antique look across an interesting corner layout. Here the chef can take centre stage in front of his or her dinner guests, as they whip up the feast behind a bar harboring perching stools on each wing. Another candelabra adorns the ceiling space in the cooking zone, complete with a quaint cockerel design.

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An adjoining dining area holds a chunky dining suite with grand chairs, flanked by an antique dresser to display the family’s fine china dishes.

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The bedroom embraces more old world charm, where gilded picture frames twinkle in the firelight.

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A formal dining room like this must provide the perfect place for holiday festivities and family celebrations.

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Long hours must be spent in this bathtub complete with its own fireplace, protected by a classic swinging-door fireplace screen.

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