Glowing Interior Designs

Glowing Interior Designs

This set of sparkling home designs, from the workshop of Azovskiy Pahomova Architects, based in Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, is packed with fresh-faced pizzazz. Predominantly glowing with bright white walls, each space offers something different and often a little out of the ordinary to hold your interest.

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In this airy lounge-diner, all of the main items of furniture have been kept pale to match the walls, which makes the addition of a chartreuse area rug all the more unexpected. The zingy color works beautifully against white, and smaller black side pieces.

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Over on the glossy white dining table, casually arranged mats in a complimentary lime green tie the areas together in an understated manner.

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Small accessories on the open sided, dual aspect shelving unit also pick up on the subtle green scheme, along with scatter cushions on the facing sofas.

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This subtle wall treatment adds just the right amount of interest to gallery white walls.

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Elegant lighting brings a final note of glamor to the entire look.

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Letterboxes of light illuminate a long hallway, spaceship style.

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In this space a neutral palette receives an injection of color from an accent wall in full bloom. A mirrored alcove gives the illusion that the room runs on beyond the floral column.

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Inspiration is taken from nature in this single bedroom, where you can snooze under the branches of a tree, or tiptoe over carpet tiles with a design reminiscent of bird footprints.

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An unusual wash basin can make a statement all on its own without the need for jazzy color schemes.

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Mosaic tiling allows large areas of intricate art even in a small bathroom, and a slimline shelf can provide valuable resting space for a menagerie of both display and practical items.

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These bathroom tiles use tiny dashes of color to add just the right amount of punch.

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