Simple Design Vs Super Design

Simple Design Vs Super Design

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Were looking at two very different interiors in this article, with two very different approaches to what kind of design best serves a small space. Where one dwelling celebrates simplicity in all areas, the other embraces trend statements with a good dash of luxury, and both merit mutual consideration.

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  • Architect: Gosplan
Our first visit is to an attic above the old fishermen’s harbour of Camogli, a village near Genova. The project, by architectural firm gosplan, aimed to incorporate a living room, a kitchen, a studio, two bedrooms and a bathroom into the flat, despite the awkward shaped gambrel roof and the tiny floor area. The outcome is described as being halfway between existenzminimum (a subsistence dwelling) and a fashionable Le-Corbusierian cabanon.

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The restrictions led to personalized pieces made especially for the flat, where elements of each area could be closed away after use, such as the covered over cook top and a bed beneath a trapdoor.

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The small space utilizes every available inch for neat storage solutions.

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  • Architect: Rad Design Inc
The second project, by Rad Design Inc, is a modern loft well suited to its trendy location in Toronto’s King West area. This home would make the perfect pad for an avid design lover, as each area boasts on-trend touches and oversized style declarations.

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Over the small living room area, a huge white anglepoise spider light demands attention in the central ceiling space, whilst a vivid piece of artwork fights for the spotlight above the sofa. Two black Barcelona chairs make sophisticated additions to the lounge furniture.

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Another bright piece of wall art decorates the space at the end of the kitchen cabinet run. All of these eye-catching elements work together within the space because the rest of the walls and furniture is kept neutral and low key.

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Exposed concrete ceiling and pillars counteract the glossy look of en vogue elements.

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