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Clean Modern Decor

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This clean interior design of a detached house in Warsaw, by Tamizo Architects, depicts a serene take on modern day living style, with a spacious open plan vision in high contrast black and white.

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The smart-casual lounge is dotted with comfy but chic adult sized beans bags, providing easily moveable sitting places to read, relax, or group as a conversational area. A large L-shaped sofa provides a more formal relaxation zone on which to enjoy the TV and movies.

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Massive works of art adorn the wall above the sofa, depicting dramatic landscapes in tones of black and white; these compliment the stark black window frames of the towering dual height windows.

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The garden is visible beyond the glazed wall.

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Elegant standing lamps appear to sprout out of the ground from spindly black stems.

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A contemporary wood burner stretches along one side of the living room with a plentiful supply of firewood nestled in a neighboring nook.

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Over in the kitchen diner, the black and white theme continues with a bold black dining suite and ice white cabinetry.

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A cluster of pendant lights mark out the eating zone that also looks out on to the sweeping garden lawn.

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A sharp edged white island, accessorized with black, forms the centerpiece of the kitchen. All of the units are without handles to maintain a smooth and uncluttered finish.

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Out on the patio an understated alfresco dining set provides an elegant place for outdoor entertaining.

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The bedroom is kept absolutely simplistic. A white platform bed has a softly illuminated headboard that runs directly to a bedside desk that doubles as a dressing table. A mirror at each side of the room makes the space feel triple its actual width.

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Behind one of the mirrors in the bedroom lies an incredibly spacious walk-in closet, allowing the home owner to conceal all of their clothes and belongings in a superbly organized fashion.

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