Modern Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Modern Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

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Decorating the kids bedrooms is always a challenge. They have a lot of ideas but not all of them may be to your liking, and your grown-up take on the matter may not be quite what they had in mind either. So, were bringing you this collection of inspirational rooms, from Colombini Casa, to throw a bit of inspiration into the mix that just might result in some middle ground.

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This breezy aqua and white color scheme, with yellow accessories, would suit either a boy or a girl. A corrugated feature wall adds texture to the predominantly white room, and a cluster of framed pictures makes things look homey. Stepped display shelves keep collections in check and looking stylish.

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Another gender neutral scheme, this sunny orange and white number with cool blue touches is bright and fun. A few wooden elements adds a tiny dash of sophistication for maturing teenagers. A quirky desk area may help to make study time a little bit more attractive.

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Bright purple and zingy green make a cool clash of colors when freshened up with plenty of white. This home study area stretches straight out of a big bookcase–a perfect setup for hitting the books and filing away that homework.

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Storage steps offer up deep drawer space, along with another run under the bunk-beds. The lime green looks electric against bright blue, and purple accents prevent the overall scheme from looking too boyish.

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Gray accents give this space a cool look for an older boy, and the grass green bed adds a sporty feel to the otherwise blue colored room.

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A travel themed room will get kids thinking and dreaming about the interesting world they live in, and all of the adventures to come.

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A corner run of wardrobes make good use of the space.

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This MotoGP themed kids room uses rich green accents to balance out the hot red.

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