Oceanfront House With Pool, California

Oceanfront House With Pool, California

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With a beautiful amalgamation of architecture and interior design, brought together by teams at Horst Architects and Aria Design, the Rockledge Residence in Laguna Beach, California, answers the owners brief just perfectly. The creation of a relaxed family beach house where the owners could engage with family and friends was the task at hand, and this little gem certainly ticks all of the boxes.

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Rooted on the vertical face of a coastal headland, this residence revels in sweeping views of stunning natural surroundings, and is blessed with a mild coastal climate that has allowed for a flowing integration of interior and exterior spaces.

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Consisting of a main residence and a detached guest house, the segmented home has been connected by a series of courtyards, planted with native, drought tolerant vegetation.

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Each lounge space is clean in neutral color palette, yet appears soft and welcoming. Large fireplaces chase away the chills of cooler evening temperatures, and if you can tear your eyes away from the view, each living area is equipped with a flat screen TV.

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A comfortable dining area also gets to enjoy the views.

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Chunky patio furniture and a swish outdoor fireplace allows the residents to enjoy the fresh air long into the evening.

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A continuity of flooring material blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces.

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Glamorous wall treatment gives this gorgeous bathroom a glittering nightclub effect.

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Built-in cubbie holes hold fluffy bath towels by the tubs side.

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Around the corner from the contemporary freestanding bath tub, a huge shower cubicle hold twin shower heads for dual use.

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In this bathing space, a tub side lounge area takes in the view.

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A large kitchen diner leaves plenty of room for the family and guests to mingle around the space.

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A home office provides a quiet area for contemplation.

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