Scandinavian Style Home With A Greek Twist

Scandinavian Style Home With A Greek Twist

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We have all come to know and love Scandinavian home style, with crisp gallery white walls and uncomplicated forward-thinking furniture. This home features both of those things, but throws us a curve ball by introducing subtle intricacies of Greek home design. The outcome of this combination is an interesting space with a most refreshing character...

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Beginning in the living room, familiar stark Scandi walls form a simplistic backdrop for a whole host of earthy Greek textiles that are scattered freely around the lounging zone, including attractive footstools, complimenting scatter cushions and floor cushions, and a large area rug. The walls themselves have been brightened up with a large work of colorful art, flanked by a couple of smaller pieces.

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Over in one corner, a ceramic wood burning stove, of an antique Scandinavian design, creates an elegant statement in a blue and white palette that would look equally at home in a Greek interior.

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The kitchen design expands on the blue and white colorway, where a long backsplash has been created from a checkerboard of tiles. The kitchen units themselves are of a traditional white wooden design with shell cup handles, opposite a more ornate dresser and a white painted dining set. The furniture selection creates a homey french farmhouse look, which has been complimented with the introduction of warm toned terracotta floor tiles, against white washed floorboards.

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A small chandelier over the dining table completes the look.

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A rustic stove creates an unusual cooking place…

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…whilst a very modern oven nestles amongst tall larder units.

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Striking black and white décor adorns the hallway, including a quirky picture frame wallpaper print. More checkerboard tiling covers the floor area beneath a coat rack and shoe stand-a sensible choice for keeping mud and rainwater drips from warping the otherwise wooden flooring.

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The colors from the living area are taken through into the bedroom, where coarse stoney walls give the slumber space a quaint cave-like atmosphere.

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