Open Layout House Concept By Studio MK27

Open Layout House Concept By Studio MK27

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By the Pinheiros River in the city of Sao Paulo, huge stacked concrete volumes form the casing of a striking new home, designed by the talent at Brazilian company Studio MK27. Within the structure, a vertical circulation column acts as a core around which three exposed concrete boxes are pivoted, creating layers of cantilevered rooms and huge decks that offer glorious opportunity for true indoor-outdoor living.

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Down at ground level, a large open plan living and dining area spills out onto a sweeping pool deck and lawns, where sun loungers are placed to further the relaxation space. Exterior uplighting creates a cozy glow around the entire property, making it possible to enjoy the exterior spaces into the late evening.

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Mature trees surround the home.

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An outdoor lounge is also available for relaxing in the fresh air with guests.

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The view of the main garden and pool can be enjoyed when looking out from the bedrooms up on the first floor, as well as the elevated garden that is spread over the roof of the living volume below. The sleep spaces run perpendicular to lower and uppermost living floors, which creates a shelter over the entrance to the home, and shade over another deck.

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At the top of the concrete stack, a penthouse family room has views towards the city lights through glass walls.

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When open-sided, the first two volumes of the concrete home take advantage of through breezes and doorstep gardens, when closed by the porous wooden freijó wall, the hot midday sun can be screened off whilst cool cross ventilation continues.

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The L-shaped layout of this home embraces the long swimming pool.

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More items of outdoor furniture make useful rooms out of the roof decks.

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Inside the home, the concrete that forms the building remains exposed across ceilings and selected walls.

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Interior furniture and floors have been selected in warm wood tones to contrast against the cold concrete.

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A huge white garage sprawls out in the basement, along with utility rooms and a gym.

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