Colorful, Exuberant Interior Design: Inspiration from W Retreat Spa, Vieques Island

Colorful, Exuberant Interior Design: Inspiration from W Retreat  Spa, Vieques Island

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When it comes to threading an exciting vibe throughout a sophisticated interior, a peppering of color can really make or break the scheme. To help us study this style, weve found the perfect example in the design aesthetic at W Retreat Spa-Vieques Island, where lead designer, Spanish-born Patricia Urquiola, of Milan-based Studio Urquiola, has created a backdrop of rustic elegance against which vibrant furniture and wall treatments sing. We start of with 12 photorealistic 3d visualizations by talented Barcelona based designer Diego Querol.

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In this initial visual we see how a selection of small tables can introduce a kaleidoscope of colors. The wire framework of many of the side tables, along with a number of lanterns, echo the texture of the more rustic elements, tying the two looks together.

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A scattering of fun cushions is a quick, simple and budget friendly way to add a blast of life to a décor scheme, and these pink and multi-colored choices really lift the more subdued hues. Designer Patricia Urquiola wanted to capture the essence of Vieques in the spa and public spaces of the retreat, by embracing the natural beauty of the island, and by incorporating these unexpected vibrant notes the result is a place of welcoming exuberance.

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Contemporary wall treatments take the cheerful look to new extremes, whilst eye-catching rugs continue the style at ground level.

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Over at the bar area, a line of stools create a sky blue horizon.

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Cocoon-like chairs embrace seated guests in a rainbow shell.

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The bright chairs and pouffes work perfectly against the Caribbean island backdrop of tropical palm trees beyond the windowpanes.

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In these photographs, we see that neutral hues and natural materials act as a calming device on the brighter elements, so that the scheme does not become overwhelming or immature.

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Even the welcome desk of one of the most luxurious resorts in Puerto Rico has flair, with multi-toned wood cladding and colorful contemporary artwork.

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Bedrooms look great in this punchy style too.

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For a small splash, a piece of well placed artwork is the way to go.

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Bold lamps push this scheme forward too – though this cool room divider steals the show.

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Even the bathroom gets a playful bath mat.

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Outdoor spaces can incorporate color without the need for floral plants – simply include a batch of bright pots like this one at the firepit, on the W Retreat Spa Lawn leisure spot.

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Design: Patricia Urquiola and Rockwell Group
Visualizations: Diego Quero
Photos Videos: W Retreat Spa

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