Beautiful Loft Design: A Solution to Space Shortage

Beautiful Loft Design: A Solution to Space Shortage

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This project represents an open-plan office converted into a living-work space. Designed by Hugo D’Enjoy and Armando Elias of Studio craft design, this place is a promising solution to the growing concern of most Londoners - the space shortage. The design is insightful and it presents to space utilization a very fresh perspective. This functional layout uses one single volume as the element dividing dining, sleeping, storage, living and working spaces. The wall connecting the bathroom and dining room has a staircase connected to it which leads to the mezzanine level. The roof eaves and the walls are all painted white. A single tone color palate presents an opportunity to the owner to personalize the space and the staircase, which also acts one wall of the dining room, is used up to store all the items. The wooden floor like in any other London home insulates the loft from outside cold weather and also maintains the contemporary charm of the loft.

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