An Artful Loft Design

An Artful Loft Design

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Freshome brings to our attention this beautiful loft from Praia Brava, Brazil which takes a contemporary artful approach to its design. Designed by CASAdesign Interior, the stand-out features of this space are the well-placed artwork and the lighting. The floor to ceiling windows allow ample natural light, but when the stars come out the modern light fixtures are perfectly placed to bring attention to the beautiful décor and art throughout this space. The fixtures highlight the details in each of the rooms, making the design come alive.Every room has a story to tell and an inviting call. Pops of color and added plants warm up the design and break up the neutral color scheme. The featured art wall adds character and makes for one fascinating conversation piece. The show-stopping marble floors and accent wall make the space feel glamorous, yet the furnishings make you feel at home. The home perfectly showcases a contemporary space with a warm, inviting design.

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The open layout first level is inviting and cohesive, yet each space is distinguished separately. There are four distinct seating areas, some for relaxing and watching the flat screen while others are designed for more social interaction and conversation, without the distractions of technology. The space is completed with a large, round dining table that is perfect for family style meals. The intricately-designed lighting fixture above draws attention directly to the table underneath and defines the purpose of the space.

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The mezzanine level is just as open as the first, with the bedroom and bathroom completely open to the rest of the apartment. The gray-toned color scheme continues throughout the space, while artistic touches are noticeable with paintings and vases. The bed is large and luxurious with plush pillows and blankets, calling you to rest and relaxation after a day’s work. The coffered ceilings add a unique design detail that complements the contemporary style.

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