Fabulous Marvel Heroes Themed House With Cement Finish and Industrial Feel

Fabulous Marvel Heroes Themed House With Cement Finish and Industrial Feel

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This unique interior project was sent to us by the designers at House Design, a Taiwan-based interior design firm. The idea was that this space could be somewhat of a heros retreat for the apartments owner who wanted to have his own fortress where he could relax after a long day at work. The results are a bit industrial, but still comfortable with all the details that a superhero might need.

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At 90 square meters, the apartment isn’t large but careful arrangement makes it seem plenty spacious.

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A massive leather chesterfield has the comfortable luxury befitting of Tony Stark.

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Hidden behind folding glass doors is a spacious work space decorated with the homeowner’s prized Marvel memorabilia.

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Custom rebar shelving is industrial but not harsh.

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The cement wall finishing was a special request from the homeowner.

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A glowing hulk fist punches through the shelves back wall for a playful shoutout to the green hero.

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Cool tones are certainly a theme, but pops of color in the comic memorabilia and light fixtures brighten things up without turning cartoonish.

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With plenty of natural light and a clever use of a trunk for a coffee table, the apartment is a bit whimsical but still grown up.

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The open kitchen is the perfect size for one person.

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The bedroom itself is almost like its own secret lair, also featuring luggage-inspired shelves and a Rubik’s Cube bedside table.

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The elevated office space is an extra stylish touch.

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The designer’s took inspiration from an airplane for the unique dining area.

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Spotlight lighting gives the room a little more cinematic drama.

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This gorgeous leather chair is certainly worth a spotlight of its own.

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Simple wood cabinetry offers enough stylish space for an expansive wardrobe.

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The metal countertop even has a single wheel, bringing the travel theme to full effect.

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The art in the “airplane window” frame can easily be swapped out for another view.

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Photography: Hey! Cheese.

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