Ultra Sleek Private Home with Incredible Architecture

Ultra Sleek Private Home with Incredible Architecture

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From the exterior through the bedrooms and private wine cellar, this modern home from architect Guido Costantino is spectacular. The natural materials in use throughout the home, including slabs of unfinished concrete and beautiful wood floors, play with the idea natural vs. industrial to great effect while each piece of furniture is just enough and never too much.

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From any angle, this home is impressive.

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The outdoor pool is the ultimate indulgence.

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The simple concrete patio surrounding the pool ties into the concrete features we will see inside.

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Even the pool chairs are perfectly minimal in their design.

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A main dining room has seating for eight, but feels comfortably casual.

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Though mostly adorned in neutrals, the few pops of color throughout are careful and effective.

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The simplicity of this living room sofa, with its steel frame and thin cushions, is spectacular.

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This photos truly captures the way the architect has used elements like glass, concrete, and wood together in a harmonious way.

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Light wood flooring is warm in an otherwise dark home.

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An area rug in the same color as the wood adds a fun element of texture.

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This workspace is far from expansive, but there are few distractions.

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Aunique floor lamp offers lighting for the times when sun isn’t streaming through the massive windows.

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The use of different levels makes it easy to distinguish rooms without the use of walls.

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When in use, the television appears like a carefully framed work of art.

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From this angle, it feels as though the house goes on forever.

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A concrete wall and mantle add interesting texture to the living room.

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A teal bolt pillow could be modern sculpture or creative seating.

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Inside, we immediately see the minimalist influence with plenty of open floor space.

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A small stone collection is a likely spot for a hidden gas fire.

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A central staircase seems to emerge from, and lift towards, nowhere.

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A central concrete bearing wall is casually unfinished, but the effect is striking.

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A nearly invisible railing attached to the wall provides a little stability on the floating stairs.

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The kitchen, with a long breakfast bar, is entirely welcoming for guests.

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Expansive counters and a glass top range are begging to be used.

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The clever overhead lighting is necessary but so perfectly matched to the room that it nearly disappears.

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With the kitchen opening to the living room, this home would be incredible for entertaining.

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Simple shades can pull down to prevent harsh glare from the walls of windows.

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There is plenty of kitchen space to have a few cooks, or staff, moving about.

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In one bedroom, we find a truly awesome sunken bed design and cozy shag rug, perfect for dogs and humans alike.

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Upstairs, a glass divider acts as a simple railing for the balcony area.

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More concrete features tie upstairs to down.

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The two-story windows offer views of both the back yard….

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…and the living room.

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A small step up indicates a room divid upstairs as well.

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In the basement, the perfect den has a sofa that’s just as charming but a perhaps a bit cozier than the one upstairs.

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The use of space under the stairs gives the basement a warmth it may otherwise lack, with no windows.

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Here we get just a peek of the comfy downstairs retreat.

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And we get to see the real origins of the amazing staircase.

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A private wine cellar…

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…and private gym leave this modern home wanting for nothing.

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Photos from Peter A. Sellar

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