3 Super Small Homes With Floor Area Under 400 Square Feet (40 square meter)

3 Super Small Homes With Floor Area Under 400 Square Feet (40 square meter)

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There are more people alive on the planet than there have ever been before. Coupled with the fact that more and more people are being drawn tot he convenience and culture of urban living and it should come as no surprise that we have come to value design that is able to use space efficiently. From open plan interiors that cover as little as 25 square meters to a 40 square meter apartment in the heart of Budapest, our admiration of small spaces is a bit of an open secret.In this post, we explore three minuscule interiors from visualizer Konstantin Entalecev. Each measures less than 400 square feet but still manages to include stunning design elements and lovely living areas. Have a look.

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This 32 square meter (344 square foot) apartment uses interior glass walls to create a bedroom that doesn’t make the home feel any smaller.

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A small dining area, with lovely Eames-inspired chairs, is perfect for a guest or two.

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The use of neutral colors, which extends into the narrow kitchen, makes the space feel more open and calm, despite the lack of extra floorspace.

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Even the smallest bathroom feels luxurious when it’s decked out in white marble.

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A small shower stall is the perfect solution for cleanliness without spaciousness.

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This next apartment actually uses the same floorplan as the first, but with some stylistic differences.

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We can see that some more classical elements come in with a crystal chandelier and cushy dining chairs.

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Pops of purple are visible even from the kitchen, bringing a bit of boisterousness whimsy to the overall atmosphere.

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The tiled bathroom is not quite as decadent, but does manage to slip a washing machine under the counter, which is quite convenient in an apartment this size.

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The third apartment measures 35 square meters (375 square feet) and tackles a different floorplan with the same panache.

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In this case, the narrowest room is the living room which has just enough space for a comfy couch.

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Rather than take up precious inches with a separate dining area, this design uses a small breakfast bar that doubles as a kitchen prep area.

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The bedroom is small but large windows keep it from feeling at all closed in.

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Shelving doubles as a headboard, which adds interest and a bit of useful storage.

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In the bathroom, reflective surfaces are always a must but here in particular they keep the space from feeling cramped.

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