Super Luxurious Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

Super Luxurious Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

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A luxury apartment can be the easiest way to marry the desire for decadence with the need for a central, urban location. In this spacious Ukrainian apartment from designer Irena Poliakova, it could be easy to forget that you are in an apartment at all since the luxe design is reminiscent of a sprawling estate more than a chintzy studio. Step inside this beautiful space and imagine what you life would be like if there were the kind of place you could afford.

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The apartment’s foyer includes its own private elevator entrance, completely with abstract sculptures and its own chandelier. Any guest arriving to this space will be instantly impressed.

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The living room uses a neutral color palette and luscious texture to up the inviting factor. It isn’t hard to imagine a lovely lounging lady sprawled out on one of these deep, plush sofas.

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Of course, anyone with a place this is going to want to show it off with a dinner party or two. It’s no mistake that the formal dining room includes purple upholstered seating – because nothing says “I may as well be royalty” like a good dose of deep purple.

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Each bedroom has its own subtle theme, from slate gray with a feminine tufted headboard to lovely blue with natural wood and monochromatic line drawings.

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By giving each bedroom its own personality, but still sticking with the drapey, languid lines of the rest of the home, it becomes that much more luxurious.

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Guests are likely to feel more like they are in a top rated hotel than a friend’s home. Of course, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise when they expect turn down service.

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It can be hard when you encounter a kid who gets to grow up living in a room like this one, with its own custom butterfly artwork and carefully decorated space. But we’re sure daddy’s princess is perfectly sweet.

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You don’t get an apartment like this by taking days off, so a home office is a necessity. This one is private and slick enough to entertain clients when required.

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A home gym ensures residents don’t have to deal with the unwashed masses as the local YMCA. If they have those in the Ukraine.

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Although it’s a half step below the formal dining room, the breakfast table is most stylish and more formal than most homes, with creative light fixtures and wine red chairs.

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Each bathroom also has its own distinct look but of course, from private whirlpool to obligatory bidet, each keeps with the theme of luxury.

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